MSyn2 is a 2OSC synthesizer designed for versatile  and easy modulation.

8 voice polyphonic synthesizer.

2OSC (Saw wave and Pulse wave morphing) Noise
1Wave Shaper(added h

armonics and aliasing noise.)
1LPF(24db/oct) Cutoff frequency, Resonance, Env Depth with Filter ADR
2LFO wave is 7 shapes.(saw up, saw down, square, tri, sin, random, random2(smooth)) LFO destinatios are OSC A, OSC B, Wave A, Wave B, Filter, Shaper, Amp. You can set multiple destinations.

There is a portamento and volume control.

oscillator wave is anti-aliased
all controls are on the panel.
window is resizable.

Mac OSX(32bit/64bit Universal Binary) and Windows32bit(not XP)/64bit

tested on Mac OSX 10.13.6 and Windows10.