ModSynth is powerful synthesizer.

This is verypowerful. inspired by EMS SynthiA and Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and Oberheim Xpander. it has Matrix modulation, usually, menu of matrix modulation is combo box parameter, but this has all pods of modulations.
no preset, we recomend you make sound yourself.

8 voice polyphonic synthesizer.

2OSC (Sin, Tri, Saw, Pulse(50%-1% width) wave morphing) Noise
1Wave Folding(added harmonics and aliasing noise.)
1Wave Shaper(added harmonics and aliasing noise.)
HPF 24db/oct Cutoff frequency, Resonance
LPF 24db/oct Cutoff frequency, Resonance
1LFO(SawUp, SawDown, Square, Tri, Sin, Random).
1ADSR ON OFF(if OFF is not infinity, envelop run by loop.)
Matrix Modulation(src: osc2, lfo1, env1, env2, dst: osc1 pitch, osc1 wave, osc2 pitch, osc2 wave, wave folding, wave shaping, HPF cutoff, LPF cutoff)

There is a portamento and volume control.

Signal Path

OSC1 + OSC2 + NOISE → Wave Folding → Wave Shaping → HPF → LPF → Drive → AMP(ENV2)

oscillator wave is anti-aliased
all controls are on the panel.
window is resizable.

Mac OSX(32bit/64bit Universal Binary) and Windows32bit(not XP)/64bit
tested on Mac OSX 10.13.6 and Windows10