Ver 1.10 available.

  • Wave Shaper is added. (wave shaper is more effective at saw wave) wave sahper is inserted between oscillator mix and LPF.
  • LFO depth (ptich, filter) is more effective.
  • The maximum level of the sub oscillator is 120%.
  • change that sub oscillator is not modulated by LFO.
  • resizing bug is fixed. (In ver 1.0, it crashed when the size was made extremely small.)
  • Sorry, the sound is not compatible with ver 1.0. It’s a little different.

MSyn1 is our first synthesizer.

This is very simple. However, we leave only useful parameters.
We have omitted parameters that we don’t use often.
and no preset, Easy sound creation does not require presets.

8 voice polyphonic synthesizer.

1OSC (Saw wave and Pulse wave morphing) Suboscillator Noise
1Wave Shaper(added harmonics and aliasing noise.)
1LPF(24db/oct) Cutoff frequency, Resonance, Env Depth
2LFO(one is for pitch, and other is or LPF) LFO wave is triangle wave.
1ADR(sustain is not needed)

There is a portamento and volume control.

oscillator wave is anti-aliased
all controls are on the panel.
window is resizable.

Mac OSX(32bit/64bit Universal Binary) and Windows32bit(not XP)/64bit
tested on Mac OSX 10.13.6 and Windows10