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M1 Mac

The product has not been confirmed on the M1 Mac.

D10Labo’s VST is built with a 32bit / 64bit Universal Binary. It worked on both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.
I don’t know if this binary works on the M1 Mac because I don’t have the M1 Mac.
I don’t have the money, so I can’t buy it.

Please let me know if anyone has run our VST (including free products) on the M1 Mac.

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MSyn1 Ver 1.10 available

Ver 1.10 available.

  • Wave Shaper is added. (wave shaper is more effective at saw wave) wave sahper is inserted between oscillator mix and LPF.
  • LFO depth (ptich, filter) is more effective.
  • The maximum level of the sub oscillator is 120%.
  • change that sub oscilator is not modulated by LFO.
  • resizing bug is fixed. (In ver 1.0, it crashed when the size was made extremely small.)
  • Sorry, the sound is not compatible with ver 1.0. It’s a little different.

You can still download ver 1.0.

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I’m a japanese developper, so I can’t write enough in English, sorry for my poor Engish.

I plan synthesizers and effectors.

  • Delay
  • MutiTap Delay
  • 3VCO powerful synthesizer
  • Digital Synthesizer(wavetable or additive)
  • Percussion Synthesizer + Sequencer(like analog)
  • Filter Effect + Bit Crusher
  • Rhythm machine

if you want something and youhave idea, please comment on this or contact me.